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Retired Activities Office, Korea (Excellent widow info)

US Military Retirees Association Korea


This guy can not be a member, we refer to him as a commie SOB across the JSA.


Korea Memorial Division

한국 지회

China Post #1, American Legion

Location: Seoul, Korea

Commander: Mr.  Roland Grondin

Vice Commander, Membership: __________

Vice Commander, Social: Mr Casey

First Former Commander: James R. Lint

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News from the Division:

The China Post 1 has NEW safe house, in Yongsan, Seoul, Korea! 

Kwons Engraving Shop  -  Yes, this is at the corner into Itaewon from Yongsan, up the hill from Crown Hotel.  The Kwon brothers speak English and know the area. They can fix problems!

Tel :82-2-797-2796 Fax:82-2-790-7308
34-17, Itaewon 1-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, Korea


Seoul news


The Chosun Daily (in Korean) - (English)

Korean Herald Newspaper, *Rated in "Top 5%" of the internet - International Herald Tribune

Joongang Ilbo

Korea Herald

Korea Times

Washington Post Asia-Pacific

Washington Post South Korea

Yonhap Best (Like CNN)



Mark Halferty is currently deployed from Korea to another garden spot. Take care!

Awards Vice Commander Grondin presents scholarship award.

We have the info on JRLs farewell from Korea. Member, and recent retiree Mr. Roland Grondin, VP Awards, overwelmed a potential BullShipper with a very nice event.  A thanks to all from JRL, soon to be, Past Commander of the Korean Memorial Division of CP1.

This event was also attended by Mrs. JRL our Korea Auxiliary Member, AKA, Division Mama!

She will be naturalized in July 04 in HI.The Here are pictures which are better then the words here!

See our members at USMC Birthday Ball in Seoul, Korea 7 Nov 03

Members from Korea Div in Shanghai, China at original Post home!!


Member, Rick Eaton died in Iraq Aug 03. With 8+ years in service with US Army in Korea, tours in Panama, and Hondoras as an Army Counterintelligence Agent. He was the U.S. Army counterintelligence analyst whose Pentagon office was struck by a hijacked jetliner on Sept. 11, 2001, has died of an illness while serving in Iraq. See: and

Governor Rowland has ordered that all State of Connecticut flags be lowered immediately to half staff in honor of Staff Sergeant Eaton. The Connecticut flag should remain lowered through sundown of the day of his internment which is yet to be determined.

Additional info page on Rick.

Gift for Rick's Parents from his Friends in Korea

Roland Grondin, KMD Awards Chairman, is back from TDY to JSA. He had a good time on this trip, and got to go to OP 239 and OP 240. A ROK Army LT gave him a tour of the Observation Post. He wished he could have taken pictures there so the US soldiers would really see how easy our soldiers have it. He will be going back up next week and take a care package to this unit, "In Front of Them All" As usual, SSG Grondin is an excellent ambassador for USA. He has a major project in the JSA and has spent a lot of time lately, just steps from North Korea. Truly, this member may be one of the first to know if we go to war with Communist North Korea.

The picture is in front of the TSD building (Tae Sung Dong) where they have the largest South Korean flag.

On 2d photo, over his right shoulder you can see a nKorean guard post. More pictures in Post NEWS page. We now have a DMZ page due to Commander Roland Grondin's good support.

The ROK Marine Corps' magazine 119 recently interviewed Korea Memorial Division Commander, Jim Lint. The discussion was a review of his career and explaining the relationship between US and ROK Marines, but China Post 1 recieved some notice too. Click the links below to read the article, the Korean pages have some different pictures. (all in .JPG format, BIG!)

Magazine Cover ::: English: Page 1, 2 ::: Korean: Page 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 All ONE Big page with it all, loads slow.

Pictures from the USMC Birthday Ball and Veterans' Day ceremonies that China Post 1 members in Korea participated in are now online.



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